I’m here in New York for fashion week! YEAH! So cool! and it’s freezing cold, but who cares it’s fashion week. Well actually It was so cold my friend Andrea and I went into a store after an hour to get some gloves! I was wearing the warmest sweater I own but I’m still frozen down to the bone.
Theres so much to tell and so many photos to show I don’t even know where to start!
First of all I saw like all the bloggers I follow! Theblondsalad, Fashiontoast, Fashionsquad, Snakenest, ZanitaZanita, Manreppeller, Songofstyle, Cheyennemeetschanel, Nathalie of Duty and Susie bubble! I’m freaking out guys this is so cool!
 Plus we saw ***drumrooooll**** : Sarah Jessica Parker AND Drew Barrymore. And I made a million street style pictures that I’ll be uploading on the street style section of my blog. 

My Look of the Day wearing Alexander Wang Sweater (a life saver) Zara Jacket and Pants
Picutres by Andrea

Yeah and we meet Chiara. You guys can’t believe how nice she is! And to her right is Andrea my friend
 TADAA Sara Jessica Parker. Unsharp photo but hey! I can be happy I even got one! Can you imagine how many photographers were trying to get a snap. 
 TADAA! Drew Berrymore
And heres a shot of me at chelsamarket down at shoho. I read about that on like almost every blog. so I had to check it out. Didn’t have much time though. hope to go again.  
Here are my super bloggers I met today! 


  1. Great photos, looking forward to more outfit and catwalk posts xoxo

    Fashions Beauty

  2. Just found your blog and loving it. Maybe we can follow each other on GFC or bloglovin? Please feel free to stop by my blog and let me know. XO


  3. How lucky of you to have met all of these bloggers! Although, Chiara’s outfit is tacky.

    Love your outfit!


  4. Great post 🙂


  5. Nice post! I’m in love with your coat X


  6. Wow you´re so lucky! I´m happy for you, it´s one of my dream to attend NYFW sometime. Wonderful photos by the way 🙂 Enjoy


  7. OHMYGOD, I am soooo jealous. I only come at Amsterdam Fashion Week but NYFW is my biggest dream (and Vicoria’s secret fashionshow ofcourse.) How did you get tickets for NYFW? I’m looking forward to more photos!