Mango shoes, Pieces pants and Vero Moda blouse
Hello Sweeties how are you! I’ve got some good news! I finally bought my new Camera a Nikon D800! I needed it for my Job since I’ve been doing more Videos lately and always had to rent one because mine couldn’t do videos!  That also means that I’ll be doing videos for the blog from time to time! Can’t wait!
I’m flying to Egypt in about 4 Hours, but I’m taking my old cam with me for that, because I’m scared it will get stolen or break. I’m so excited to be lying on the beach, enjoying the hot weather, drinking cocktails and making beautiful photos for the blog.
P.s You know these shoes don’t you? Mango for Werelse!  I found them on sale last week!
Xx Joy


  1. love the shoes, have fun in Egypt!! already looking forward to seeing photos 😀

  2. great catchhhh! have funnn in egypt! xx

  3. Those heels are certainly unique. Love your all black outfit.
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  4. You look so gorgeous!


  5. wow I love these heels!


  6. love these heels! too bad they didn’t sell them where I live!

  7. Ich wünsche dir einen erholsamen Urlaub, lass es dir gut gehen! 🙂


  8. Wow you look gorgeous! Love those heels and the entire outfit!

    The Urban Umbrella


  9. You have a lovely blog sweetie! Please check out mine, maybe you’d like to follow each other?

  10. Hello!
    I just found your blog!
    I love it!!!

    I made a blog a couple of months ago too!
    I would really appreciate it if you could check it out and follow if you like it!
    Thank you!!!