Modern Talking

Modern Talking

 It definitely was time to get an I phone, and “Santa” made it possible.  Yeah. Since I couldn’t decide if I should go for black or white I did an online voting on Facebook. And as you see white won! It’s absolutely gorgeous. I’m very happy with the color, looks very chic!
And since I’ve got an I phone I’m gona start twittering! I hope you all leave a comment on my twitter here.
I’m so excited to hear from you. And if you have any tips than please tell me cause I’m new to this. 🙂 Whish you all Merry Christmas!!!


  1. hi, i’m following you on twitter! love your tweets (my twitter: @evauiterwijk).
    How did you get an invitation voor de Berlin Fashionweek?


  2. welcome to twitter! 🙂

  3. congrats for the iPhone 🙂 hope you love it