Mister Switzerland is LUCA RUCH

Mister Switzerland is LUCA RUCH

Mister Switzerland Luca Ruch

 Mahara Mckay she designed this dress herself!! doesn’t she look stunning?
 Julia Saner ( Topmodel) she so pretty !
 Indira Weis ( for all german reader..shes the one from Jungelcamp RTL)
Hello dears I’m back. How are you?  I went to the Mister Switzland show yesterday. Mister and Miss are like the only celebs we have in Switzland haha. Whatever I went with a friend had a great time. Do you know Mahara mckay? I love her style! Yesterday she told me that the dress she was wearing was designed by her. I didn’t ask her about it but it sounded like she was getting out her own collection. So keep your eyes open and let me know if you hear anything about it.
xx Joy


  1. wow he looks amazing!!!!


  2. Hi, i bought it in a shop called “biju”.

  3. mega gueti fotene! de jahn hesch cool bearbeitet mitem schwarz wiss 🙂