Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin Day 1

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin Day 1

 First Day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin and as you know I was hyper excited to go. After London and Paris Fashion week last fall the expectations were high, reason why I was kind of disappointed. I know about 10 Designers and maybe 3% of the VIP’s because their only national stars. It always looked so glamorous on TV! I hadn’t slept and the hotel wasn’t what I expected so this really wasn’t my day. Best part was meeting Fashion blogger friends from Switzerland. I was really happy to see them, give me a person to talk to and I’m happy again 🙂
Back to the Designers, I went to 6 shows yesterday Escada Sport and Lala Berlin are probably the most famous. I thought Escada would be sporty, and expected something like Calvin Klein or Lacoste, but not at all, it actually was very chic and a little retro. Like almost all the shows I saw that day. Weird colors and texture combinations like baby blue and dirty orange and that kind of stuff. My absolute number one of the day was a young designer called Mongrels in Common. Very clean and chic. 
I usually don’t read the text in the blogs or only those who don’t write that much, so I don’t want to bother you with a whole essay. 
P.s the two celebs are Ramstein and Harald Glööckler


  1. so lucky you got to go to fashion week! i love the longer hemlines and prints

  2. love the red folk skirt! nice tights with that too…

    P x

  3. i love the Lala berlin collection!

  4. Hofentlich wird’s dir noch besser gefallen! Das Make-Up des Models auf dem zehnten Bild finde ich toll.

  5. The photos are great though, love the one showing the whole length of the catwalk! xoxo

  6. amazing photography as always!u r seriosuly one of my fav fashion bloggers x

  7. wow great blog im jealous!!!
    :)) Follow me back if you want:
    See ya :*

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  10. gives me so much fun, thanks