Mango Bag

Mango Bag

 Good morning dears, I wanted to make those typical bag advertisement photos, but since no one was around I had to do it myself. What do you think of it? 
 Have you seen that all the stores are having sale already? I remember that it was after Christmas, about I don’t remember buying stuff on sale before. We’ll the reason for that is because the stores haven’t been selling well so they have to get read of their stock as soon and fast as possible.  Not that I mind. I made some great buys! One of my favorite is this Mango leather bag! It’s quite big actually, but since I’m always carrying way too much stuff with me, I guess it’s perfect. 


  1. lusting after this lovely bag 😉


  2. Beautiful bag and picture 🙂

  3. Loving that bag!

    xx Nicole

  4. Thank you for your lovely comment!

    I love this picture, it really does look like a purse ad. Your hair is gorgeous!

  5. Love this bag!!