Last Night

Last Night

|Paul Kehl shirt|Guess Necklace|Stylight bag and stone necklace|Tomas sabo necklace|
Snapped my Boyfriends shirt this morning in need of something warm to get out of the house. High wedges, Black skinny jeans and and over sized shirt do give of an acceptable look. Stuffed my macbook in the first Bag I could find which I just got from Stylight and is astoundingly handy. I know those bags that say: “My other Bags Chanel”. I honestly don’t really get the joke of this one. Maybe that’s the the actually joke?? Do you get it? Anyway back to stylight-this online store has amazing cool things form Philip Lim, Moschino to guess and lacoste. 


  1. han die Täsche au – denk emol, dass es so gmeint isch, a la, das isch mini ander’ Täsche ( ich han nöd nume 1) 🙂 Anyways, cooli Fotene 🙂

  2. always cute!

  3. You’re awesome and I LOVE your blog. Just had to follow. x

  4. Nice post!in love with your hair <3

    love, katheryn

  5. Love your necklaces!

  6. fun shots!

  7. I absolute love the message in the bag, and the leather skirt looks stunning 🙂

  8. me encanta tu camisa!!

  9. Das Hemd deines Freundes steht dir ausgezeichnet.