Julia Saner

Julia Saner

I was looking trough some of my old pictures and look what I found. Julia Saner winner of  Elite Model. One year older and 8kg lighter! A top Model has to sufer but she’s still a beauty! Vogue calls her the New commer of the year! Congrats


  1. Hey there, thanks for commenting in my blog!! I like your blog, following you now!!

    She is beautiful but she should put back the 8kg!!! She had such a great body then, but the modelling industry’s anorexic!!!



  2. oh vielen lieben dank für deinen süßen kommentar!!! ich werde mich bemühen 😉

    julia saner ist ein wunderbares model! trotzdem finde ich es schade das es tatsächlich 8 kg !!! sie ist meiner meinung nach ein bisschen zuuuu dünn die liebe…

    küsschen esiul

  3. she looks like a different person :))) yes, she is a beauty! thanks for your lovely comment!

  4. She is soo beautiful! But she should gain some weight, on the second picture she looks way too skinny.

  5. shes gorgeous – but needs to put the weight back on



  6. Gosh she’s beautiful!

  7. She is beautiful, that last picture is gorgeous!!


  8. danke 🙂

    wieder es paar kilo meh würded ere ned schade.. find sie z’ dünn.