Henry Holland tights

Henry Holland tights

 Some of you might have seen this on my FB already. Modereporter did a who wore it better between me and Rihanna. Was very amusing!  And thanks to all my friends that voted for me in FB I even won. hahaha. So honestly what do you think about it. Who wore it better?


  1. love those tights.! i’ve always wanted one like those because they seem more socially accepted than a visible garter


  2. You of course, I don’t like the Rihanna’s outfit at all 🙂

    See you!

  3. I love how kooky HOH stuff are. You rocked those tights:)

  4. I really love the way you wore them! I have the same pair 😀

  5. the best tighs ever!


  6. You are the winner for me definitely! Your outfit fit the tights better and (sorry Rihanna) her legs look awful. She’s too fat for wearing such outfits.


  7. Why you write english with mistakes? write german…

  8. You. Without a doubt