Golden Details

Golden Details

I did want to show off my Steven Madden heels today, and then I just didn’t feel like dressing all up so grabbed a simple jeans shirt out of my closet. After all I had a shooting today, and when I shoot I just have to wear something comfortable.
Did you see the ring in my hair? Isn’t that cool? Quess where I found it… H&M can you belive it? 
P.s I made some funny picutres with me in pink hair. You can see it on my FB, Twitter or instagram 🙂

Info for Swiss readers: Steven Madden Shoes sind im Ochsner Sport zu finden, zwischen 70-140 Fr. Je nach Model


  1. You look perfect, love the jacket and shoes!!

  2. Love your coat!

  3. Great outfit ♥ Your coat is amazing! 🙂

  4. You look so beautiful, love everything you’re wearing! Especially the jacket is so fab, where is it from?

  5. Dieser Haar-Ring ist toll, ich liebe ihn.

  6. hahahaha i think you look adorable in pink hair!

    also the thing in your hair. is a ring?! how cool!!!