I just got this hat at H&M while wearing this Blazer when I bought it. I thought it would make a great Garçon look. What do you think about it? Oh and good news!  Today I found an amazing studio I can work with, I’ll probably start in October, so I’ll give you a peak of the photo studio then. On Thursday I’m going stop by at H&M to work on a project. You’ll see what that’s all about soon!
xx Joy


  1. LOVE this look girl! The shoes are great!

  2. wow! awesome outfit

  3. Wow amazing outfit,
    looks stunning on you!

  4. Hey we loved your blog and this look is so cute. thanks for the comment but still wonderin where you saw our blog from because we are just so new 🙂 lookbook?

  5. Hi ! Thank you for your comments.
    I would like to know how did you find my Blog? If you enjoy it, can you help me to get more followers by talking to yours? It would be very nice of you.. I am a beginner so I need help…

    I love your photos.
    Evie. (my English is very bad)

  6. Love that blazer! It looks perfect on you