Elite Model 2011

Elite Model 2011

Larissa  Kirchhofer is the winner of Elite Model Switzerland. She’ll be attending the World Final in Shanghai. That’s were Julia Saner also Winner of Elite Model Switzerland started her career two years ago! Now she’s walking for Chanel, Dior, Alexander Mc Queen…. like almost every Fashion Designer. She’s also did campaigns for Valentino and Mulberry. I actually think that Larissa has a lot of potential to follow in her footsteps! I hope so! She’s wonderful. 
Photos of the Show:
1. Amazing Red Carpet for our many celebs we have here in Switzerland (hahaha). 
2. Black Swan Ballet show was amazing. 
3. Than the top 12 wearing really cute Outfits!
4. Tears came down my check in that Moment. 
5.Elite Model Switzerland 2011 Larissa Kirchhofer
xx Joy


  1. This post gives a fabulous look at the event. Looking at your wardrobe posts down below, I see you’re a well-dressed hottie, yourself! <3 Keep me coming back for sure.

    TE AMO,

  2. I like this post so much.


  3. the girl is beautiful! she has a lovely face! ♥

    you can also follow me on Twitter! 🙂 @angelieeee

  4. Gorgeous : )

    A very diva fashion agency, right?

    I went to one of Elite Model Event earlier this year too,
    It was held in Bangkok, Thailand.

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  5. What a beauty! Can’t wait to see where she goes!

    Thanks for leaving me such sweet comments, hope to see you back again soon!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  6. Wow! Looks an amazing show. Happy weekend xoxo

  7. haha dini sind schön worde!!! ich merke de unterschid scho mega krass das du e fotografn bisch und ich nid 🙂 dini sind mega! ui nai gester bini na bis am 3 am bearbeite und schribe gsi haha

  8. love their tights!! Great post!! x