Day 3: Lavin and Dior

Day 3: Lavin and Dior

 I told you it’s getting better. I went to the Dior and Lavin show today. Stunning… not the cloth the security! No I’m kidding. But it’s really crazy. Very impressive and glamoures lots of security guys and all that. Like after the show you could hardly walk out, there were so many Paparazzis, street style photographers and loads of other people that where trying to get a glimpse. But what lots of people didn’t know and didn’t get to see is Orlando Bloom. Not even me. I feel horrible about it. I mean I was probably standing less than 50 meters away from him, I just didn’t know he was sitting in the front row. I would have gotten a picture, if I knew. 
Back to the cloth: Dior is a big and famous but Lavin was actually better. It was good but it’s not like I was blown away or anything. It might be because  John Galliano isn’t the Head designer anymore. I definitely liked last season better.


  1. Amazing pics dear!

  2. oh God… amazing projects!

  3. Great new Collections! 🙂

  4. amazing pics!!!

    xoxo from rome

  5. U look so nice 😀

  6. Wow what a great show! I love your look!

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  7. I would kill to go to these amazing shows. That pleated Lanvin dress is amazing and I love your choker necklace.xx

  8. Love your outfit!! 🙂