Day 2

Day 2

Beside the Cavali party I also went to so some shows. Here are my impressions from day 2

 Emilio de la Morena
Emilio was my big favorite of the day! Amazing dresses I would love to wear. Perfekt for Partys and Events. Sooo beautiful!
 I loved the beach look and the high waisted tailoring. Kind of remembers me of the 50ties witch is really cool!

Jaeger London
 Jaeger was really cute! Loved the look with the hat! Can totally imagine wearing that next summer!
Jaspar Conran
This was a very simple and clean collection witch is beautiful but not really my tasted.  I realy liked the back part though 🙂


  1. i like so much the nude skirt.

  2. Wow what gorgeous photos! The purple and yellow dress is so gorgeous!

  3. so schöni fotene!beautiful!!

    <3 anja