Day 1

Day 1

So today was the first day of London Fashion week! An Amazing day! Love London, Love the People and Love the Fashion here! Visited quite a lot of shows and also assisted the camera team on doing Interviews and filming Street style of Bloggers but also some other interesting people. I’ll try to find the Video, should be up by tomorrow 🙂 I did a lot of street style myself, I’ll load them up on the other blog as soon as I can.

Paul Costelloe 
 Paul Costelloe was the very first show of this season. I really loved it! Especially the back part of the dress!
Felder Felder

 Felder Felder is wonderful, but I knew that before I went to the show! They had a lot of chiffon dresses and then they did this cool combination with the leather straps over them, which I really enjoyed. Oh and as you see, Pixie Geldof was there.

 Bassos and Brooke
 So this definitely wasn’t my taste, even though know that I’m looking at the pictures they look way better as during the show. I guess this is just great for shootings but not really to wear. 

I was really looking forward to the PPQ show today! I can’t really describe it. it’s glamorous but in a very different and untypical way. Whatever the best part was actually the dark skinned Model! She’s such a babe! I absolutely love her. If I had a fashion label, I would totally book her!

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  1. Hi 🙂
    Love your hair. 🙂
    Wooow, loove the first pic of the 2 dresses for Paul Costelloe, really beautiful! ♥
    Yeah, I loved the back part of the reddish/pinky dress. 😀
    I liked some of the dresses from Felder Felder, intresting prints. 🙂
    LOOOVE PEACHES GELDOF!! She looks great! ♥
    I like PPQ’s clothes, looved the leggings with the sequences on the, 😀

    Thank you for your comment on my lasst outfit post, means a lot! 😀


  2. You are so Beautiful !!
    And I love your blog !

    Have a nice day

    Love simone

  3. You’re right – the back part of the Paul Costelloe dress-amazing.
    Oh you’re so lucky… 😉

  4. Lovely photos!
    Loving ur hair!

  5. love this post!

  6. super collection 😉