Bubbly Issues

Bubbly Issues


 Today was a funny day! After having a great lunch with my friends I met up with Mirjam to talk about our mysterious plans, we ended up making a Youtube channel called Coco.2.0. with our first video about the new bubble tea in Zürich. It’s in German and for all my German readers my German is horrible I know. But just have fun watching it.
And for those who don’t understand the video. I liked the bubble tea and Mirjam would have liked it without the bubbles.  And for explanation: Bubble tea is a tea with bubbles in it, made out of ohhhm…doesn’t matter. It just pops in your mouth and is wierd to drink but obviously very funny.  
Tomorrow will do a new video about the Hugo and Lacoste event were going to!
For all German readers watch the Galileo Video about the bubble tee.

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  1. Love your outfit!! Xx

  2. i just found your blog! i really like it 🙂

    http://the-fashion-hanger.blogspot.pt/ i’m following 😉


  3. love it! 🙂

  4. coole pics! s’video isch mega!

  5. Dankeschön, dein blog is ja süss gefällt mir gut 🙂 Du bist aus Zürrich ? Da wohne ne Freundin von mir.
    ALles Liebe

  6. Ich finde das Video so cool haha, bist sehr sympathisch!


  7. I only understand a bit of German, but you guys are sooo cute and funny :D. I guess that iced tea didn’t taste as good as you expected :D.