Blog Photos & Camera

Blog Photos & Camera

Audio device Zoom H4n / Nikon 24-80mm / Nikon D800/ Flash SB910/ Nikon D200/  Sony clip-on LCD Monitor / Sony Battery Video light

So some of you asked me what kind of camera I use to take my blog photos.
Well here you go this my dear camera equipment! I started of with a Nikon D200 and last summer I upgraded to a Nikon D800. Wow and what a difference it makes. My Nikon 24-70 mm / 2.8 f mm lens isn’t that old either, I got it from my photography school because I cut of as best of the year!  Sony heard about that and wrote an article about me, where they gave me the headlight and the monitor. So I’ve been pretty lucky. this camera stuff is really really expensive!
We’ll back to my blog pictures. I use the new camera of course with a Nikon 50mm / 1.4 f. That’s really good for portraits and perfect for blog photos, because you get the blur in the background. 
I know every blogger wants to get that blurry background for their pictures. Besides having a good Lens it’s important to set the Aperture very low. My 50mm can go down to 1. 4 but I usually shoot with 2.8 because otherwise the blurs so strong that I’m starting to blur.
I hope that wasn’t to theoretical to read. I’ve got so much more to tell you about camera and all I can hardly stop writing. I’ll do some more post about the things I shoot, my jobs, school, filming ect. and also more blog photo tips. 


  1. Wow great stuff! i’m jealous! i’m still only working with a canon 1100D

  2. Amazing camera :)) x

  3. interesting post! thank you!

  4. Wow! Find’s echt beeindruckend, wenn man sich damit so auskennt. Mir würden verschiedene Objektive etc. eher wenig bringen, weil ich Leute, die mit den krassesten Kameras und Objektiven Spiegelbilder machen und es dann “Photography” nennen, selber nicht leiden kann haha.

  5. i am a nikon user too! i use a d5100 only but i love it. i wish i could afford a better lens tho