Bag Wish List

Aaaaah, I don’t know what I like better,shoes or bags? I have such a big wish list of bags I want. these are actually just some of them.
Givenchy has 3 really cool models that I like, the Antigona (7) that’s just an absolute classic and the matching Antigona clutch and than the Pandora (5) that’s just a perfect on-the-go bag.
Stella Mccartney Falabella clutch is on the top of my list because it’s just so beautiful, but I probably wouldn’t wear it to often, just because Id never have an occasion to. The PS11 (6) is an other classic and the perfect bag for all the little things you cary around, like Iphone, keys and purse.  Sain Laurent (2) tassel bag is pure elegance and makes you feel like a chic lady.
Wich one would you take if you could chose?


  1. Practically every women dream bags! Love them!

    New follower!:))


  2. wowow!

  3. Me encantan todos!! :))

  4. Wow, beautiful picks! Loving the sleek Givenchy clutch and that Philip Lim bag is my dream purse! xo