Alexander Wang and Zanita

Alexander Wang and Zanita

Alexander Wang sweater / Zara Skirt / Steve Madden Shoes/
I’m very inspired my Zanita’s blog at the moment. I stumbled over her it a few days ago and found out she’s a photographer like I am. So I was totally interested in how she combines blog and photography and read her whole blog backwards. Well I’m not done yet. Anyways I found out that she used to be a model and got interested in photography because of her blog and taught herself how to shoot! I have to say I’m so amazed  she’s so good! plus I’m jealous she has so many model friends. 
I also found out that she’s really into light and that’s what makes the pictures special. I’m good in working with light but in the studio, I don’t think I was ever aware of the light outside. I’ll have to focus more on that. 
Plus she always edits her pictures in photoshop and puts some kind of color filter over her pictures which gives the photo a special touch and kind of gives you that feeling to dive in an other world. So I just gave these outfit pictures a magenta color touch
P.s I’m wearing the Alexander Wang sweater I got a few days ago. It’s so comfortable and because It’s not to cold outside I like to wear just the sweater instead of a jacket!


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  2. Auf diesem foto siehst du ein bisschen müde aus

  3. WOW!Just WOW, honey!

  4. Nice ! Very lovely!

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  5. Oh ja, d’Zanita isch top!

  6. You look very pretty! Ü
    Love your sweater!

  7. love the look, your blog is fantastic, following you now, follow back
    xx ish

  8. fantastic outfit. love it all!!!

  9. Oh very cute!!

  10. Love this AW sweater !! Your outfit is perfect!
    I really love your blog, and I wanted to thank you for passing by my blog and for you comment!
    I’m following you on bloglovin now and i can’t wait for your new posts !