Alexander Mc Queen

Alexander Mc Queen

Alexander Mc Queen is one of my favorite designers ever. I don’t care that most of it isn’t really wearable; this is more art for me. And I love it! Exactly my taste! Drag Queen, sumptuous, drama, Romantic and very inspired from the architecture during the Gothic.


  1. ..I know what you mean – McQueens designs are true art amazing ..

  2. wow!!!! really nice post!! I love all your pictures!!!

  3. I agree with you,these dresses are pieces of art. I´m not sure who would buy them but they will be in a museum one day for sure. You look great dear!! Kisses from

  4. I agree, his work is art. Moving art pieces.
    Great post!



  5. wowwww these designs are STUNNING

  6. You’re absolutely right with what you said about Alexander McQueen. I love it too.. full of art and marvelous details!

  7. Amazing.

  8. ok, now I’m even more jealous.
    I just began to write a presentation for school about the one and only alexander mc queen and just checked the pictures of his last runway show. now I see you’ve been there, how amazing!