Addicted to Fashion Party!

Addicted to Fashion Party!

Back from the party. Had an amazing time! Got to met all my fellow bloggers again! It was the first time this show was organized, but it  was fantastic. Love the Designers! My favorite was Rick Lee. He does these really cool architecture designs. The other High lights were the dancers! They made me wana stand up and dance with them, which I didn’t do of course. Therefore I made some really cool photos. These are the last 20 left from 200! Hop you like em.
xx Joy


  1. Looks like you had some fun in the party. Great photography skill. I love the pictures.

  2. Great photos, looks like a really fun event!

    xx Raez

  3. I love these photos!! Looks like a great night. 🙂 I’m following. 😀

    and I live in Basel right now. 😀 What part of switzerland are you from?? xx

  4. Great photos! I love that dress in the last image.

    xx Grace

  5. Hey Joy!
    Geniali föteli worde, gsend ganz guet us und isch echt e cooli show gsi 😀
    bin us de region bade 🙂

    xxx Becky

  6. great photo’s! looks like you had fun 😉
    love the dress in first photo!
    (i’m following you now)

  7. cool pictures! love them especially the fifth picture! 😀